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Garmin HRM-Pro

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The Garmin HRM-Pro is a functional accessory for you Garmin watch. This heart rate monitor accurately measures your heart rate. The HRM-Pro ... Read more
This product is out of stock
This product is out of stock
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Garmin HRM-Pro
Description Garmin HRM-Pro

The Garmin HRM-Pro is a functional accessory for you Garmin watch. This heart rate monitor accurately measures your heart rate. The HRM-Pro replaces the older Garmin HRM-Run (specially made for runners) and the HRM-Tri (specially made for triathletes). The HRM-Pro looks a lot like the HRM-Run, it however is a far more advanced heart rate monitor. Thanks to the Bluetooth function of the HRM-Pro, it is easy to connect the monitor to smartphones, sports watches and other devices that support a Bluetooth connection.

The HRM-Pro measure the following data:

  • Cadence: number of steps per minute
  • Vertical oscillation: degree of 'bounce' in your running motion; displays the vertical motion of your torso, measured in centimeters for each step
  • Ground contact time: amount of time in each step that you spend on the ground while running; measured in milliseconds
  • Ground contact time balance: displays the balance between left and right foot during ground contact
  • Stride length: length of your strides
  • Vertical oscillation: ratio of vertical oscillation to stride length (displays a percentage); a lower number typically indicates better running form

Garmin's HRM-Tri measured the same data. The big difference between the two monitors is that the HRM-Pro can send this data both via ANT+ and via Bluetooth. This gives you more options during your training, whether you're trainin in or outdoors. The HRM-Pro offers the possibility to make two Bluetooth Low Energy connections, so that you can send the measured data via Bluetooth, for example to your smartphone as well as to a sports watch, fitness device or other Bluetooth device. In addition, an ANT+ connection is also possible.

Do you prefer to train without other devices nearby and do you prefer to leave your phone and sports watch at home? Then the HRM-Pro stores all data on the internal memory. Via the "Store-and-Forward" function, the heart rate sensor automatically sends all data to your sports watch or phone after your workout. If you wear the HRM-Pro without a paired sports watch, the sensor also stores other information such as the number of steps taken, calories burned and the intensity of your workouts.

The HRM-Tri is water resistant to 5 ATM, or 50 meters. Just like the older HRM-Tri, the HRM-Pro can also accurately measure your heart rate under water, making the new Garmin HRM-Pro an ideal heart rate sensor for triathletes. The battery in the HRM-Pro lasts about a year with average use (about 1 hour of use per day). The battery is easy to change.

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