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Buying Running Clothing for Men

Shop the best running clothing for men online at 21RUN. A good pair of running shoes alone isn’t enough. If you want to get the most out of your runs you will also need some decent running clothes. Whether you’re wearing a three layered outfit in winter or a ventilating running top in summer. When you are comfortable, you will perform better. Running clothes for men come in a wide variety of styles and colours. At 21RUN you will find the latest collections of running clothing from top brands. Find your perfect running outfit here.


What to Wear When?

How do you put together the perfect running outfit for your run? A good rule of thumb is to add ten degrees celcius to the actual temperature outside. During activities your body will warm up and it will feel like it’s a lot warmer than it actually is. So, when it’s 10 degrees outside, it will feel like 20 degrees when you’re in the middle of your run. Note that it will take some time to warm up. So if it’s cold when you step outside and you haven’t warmed up yet it might feel a bit chilly. Therefore you might want to wear something warmer on top: a layer that you can shed halfway through when you’ve warmed up.

  • Are you going out in freezing temperatures? Make sure that you wear enough clothing because your body won’t heat up as fast. Try sticking to at least three layers: (thermal)underwear, a top, tights and a jacket.
  • Are you running on a hot summer’s day? Wear something short. Running shorts with a loose fit and a loose fitting singlet for instance.

In our vast collection of running clothing you’ll find trendy, functional and comfortable running clothes. Clothing that wicks transpiration effectively away from the body, that provides ultimate freedom of movement and that is suitable in all weather conditions. Short and long tights, training pants, running jackets and running tops; items that belong in every runners wardrobe. Are you looking for extra protection from the cold or for a piece of clothing that wicks moisture effectively away from the body? Try wearing thermal underwear as a base-layer. In the underwear category you’ll find a whole section that focuses on thermal running clothing for runners.


Top Brand Running Clothes for Men

At 21RUN you will find running clothing from ASICS, adidas, Nike, Craft, New Balance and many other top brands. Each brand uses its own technologies in its clothes, thanks to this our collection is very diverse.

  • Nike for instance develops running clothing for men that features their Dri-FIT technology. This technology ensures that transpiration is wicked away effectively.
  • Odlo employs their Ceramicool technology in their running apparel. This technology keeps you cool when it’s warm by effectively cooling down the body with 1°C.
  • Next to Odlo and Nike you’ll find many other brands in our collection. Each brand has its own technologies and its own point of focus. Some of our brands: adidas, Compressport, Gore, Craft, ASICS, Falke, the Northface and Rukka.

Do you want to learn more about running clothing for men? Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service. They will be happy to help you find the right clothing.