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Consumers’ loyalty as decade-long award


Pandemic has shown the importance of production activities and I hope that in the future, we will systemically work on their encouragement by supporting the existing producers and motivating the new ones to engage in the production

The Meat Industry "Goranović", one of the most important companies in Montenegro, marked three and a half decades of successful existence. On that occasion, we interviewed the founder and CEO of the company Mr. Đorđije Goranović.

Glasnik: Mr. Goranović, we would appreciate if you could briefly present the history of your company to the readers of Glasnik.

Đ. Goranović: The company started operating in 1986, when our first retail facility was opened in Nikšić. Since then, we have passed a dynamic path and developed into one of the leading Montenegrin companies in the field of food production. The company currently consists of a factory for the production of meat products, which is equipped with the modern technology and adheres to strictly controlled hygiene conditions, operating since 2001; then a modern and automated slaughterhouse equipped according to the most demanding technological and hygienic standards for the preparation and distribution of fresh meat, which has three modern lines for lamb, beef and pork, put into operation in 2011, as well as two retail facilities.

Glasnik: Your company's business has been marked by numerous awards. Could you please share more information about recognitions received?

Đ. Goranović: In addition to all the awards and medals given to our company, which mean a lot to us, a special recognition for business achievements was received at the end of 2019, when according to the respondents of a survey on the perception of domestic brands engaged in food production, conducted by IPSOS, the company Goranović took first place. Consumer satisfaction is the best evaluation of a company's work and the loyalty, which our consumers have been showing for decades, has been our greatest reward.

Glasnik: Which markets have you won over the years and to what extent has operating in accordance with the highest quality standards contributed to your export activities? 

Đ. Goranović: Since 2008, our company has been implementing the world's most recognized systems and standards (HACCP system and standards ISO 9001/2015 and ISO 22000/2018). Since 2017, we have had a European export number for both of our production facilities, which are important prerequisites for export to the EU, but also to some of the markets in the region.

Since the beginning of our business operations, we have maintained continuity in equipment modernization, introduction of new technologies and capacity expansion. We tried not to let the pandemic disrupt that continuity. In previous years, the capacities for the production of fermented sausages and cured meat products have been increased by 100% and we believe to be ready for the European market according to all standards. For now, we are exporting to the markets of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo, and have also started exporting to Scandinavia and Luxembourg. We expect more intensive export activities to start when the health situation improves. Export activities are very important for all companies, but particularly beneficial for those which are even now focused on the quality of their products, fulfillment of high European standards and which will be ready at the moment of Montenegro's entry into the European Union.

Glasnik: We would appreciate if you could review the business of IM "Goranović" during the pandemic, with a focus on 2021.

Đ. Goranović: The pandemic has also adversely affected the business of our company, as most companies in Montenegro and worldwide. This year's summer season was much better than the previous one, but revenues are still not at the pre-pandemic levels. The impact of the pandemic on the hospitality and tourism sector has directly reflected in the business of our company. We are trying to adapt to the given circumstances as much as possible and hope for better times, characterized by the economic recovery and even stronger development. 

The pandemic has shown the importance of production activities and I hope that in the coming period we will work systematically on their encouragement by providing support to the existing producers and motivating new ones to start production. It is necessary to create conditions to decrease import dependence, which also requires working on the development of competitiveness at the local level and enabling "predictability" in terms of providing the primary producers with guarantees for the placement of the products.

Glasnik: How has your company adjusted to the announced development tendencies– digital transformation and green economy?

Đ. Goranović: Respect for environmental principles is one of the important aspects of our business. Our company allocates significant financial resources for modern technology, the part of which includes modern wastewater treatment plants built by the most prestigious companies. The entire company’s business is based on the use of eco-friendly energy sources, as a result of which CO2 emissions are within the limits of European Union standards. All of the above, in addition to other investments, resulted in the fact that the work of the Goranović meat industry factories does not generate negative effects on the environment. 

In terms of digital transformation, we are trying to follow modern trends and keep up with the times when digitalization is becoming one of the main business aspects.

Glasnik: What are the company's further plans and expectations from economic trends in 2022? Do you plan new investments?

Đ. Goranović: We hope for a more stable epidemic situation in 2022, which will result in the market stabilization and a better business environment. We hope to return to the pre-pandemic period, when we can focus on new distribution channels. Unfortunately, the previous period, under the strong impact of the pandemic, caused great disturbances in both the domestic and export markets. There has been a large increase in the prices of production inputs, primarily energy-generating products. I expect stabilization in 2022, which will create preconditions for normal operations.

In the end, I would like to take this opportunity to extend season’s greetings to all readers of Glasnik and all citizens of Montenegro, and I hope that 2022 will be filled with health and success, both privately and professionally. Best wishes.

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