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Development of economic sectors associated with the research and production in oil and gas industry


The Montenegrin Chamber of Economy and the Hydrocarbon Administration organized a round table on "Development of economic sectors associated with the research and production of oil and gas industry". The representatives of the Montenegrin business community had the opportunity to learn more about the experience of the Kingdom of Norway and the way this country has encouraged the growth of related sectors of the economy by developing oil and gas industry.

Project Director for International Cooperation at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate Gunnar Sjögren presented Norway as a country cherishing Western values, of the developed oil and gas industry, which is also oriented to other industries.

The development of the oil industry, said Sjogren, must take account of existing industries and environmental protection. It has not endangered tourism and highly developed fishing industry, which has achieved the best results in 2017. Norway has been visited by 20 million tourists during 2017.  

According to Sjögren, a prerequisite for the development of oil and gas industry is investment in knowledge and capacity building, with a focus on specific expert knowledge required in this industry. However, he added that the key to the success in the oil industry lies in a stable system.

Research in Montenegro has been conducted by a consortium Eni/Novatek and the Greek company Energean. This meeting was an introduction to the upcoming roundtable with companies which obtained concessions for these researches.