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Digital Transformation - how much do we care


Panel "The Digital Transformation - how much do we care" was organized within Infofest by the ICT Association Board of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and the Digital Transformation Board of the Association of Managers of Montenegro.

The situation in the field of information and telecommunications infrastructure in Montenegro is good, but there are plenty of opportunities for improvement. Legislation in this area follows the modern trends, but there are restrictions in the bylaws which define provisions of the law more precisely, because they often do not follow the change.

The participants concluded that we care about digital transformation, we have all the necessary prerequisites and we are continuously improving infrastructure, services and skilled personnel. The lack of a clear objective, we need to strive for, perhaps is a consequence of the lack of state authority which will, in consultation with all relevant stakeholders, coordinate, monitor and provide guidance on the way to digital transformation for the benefit of the entire Montenegrin society.