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Inaugural meeting of the Banking Association Board


The Association Board, which brings together banking and other financial organizations and insurance companies, held an inaugural meeting.

The mandates of the elected members were verified and the Rules of Procedure was adopted as well. 

Miloš Miketić, the representative of the Addiko bank will take the position of the Board President, while Board elected Nataša Janičić, Sava osiguranje, as the Vice President in the following four-year term of office.

The Board members Ranko Jovović, Capital Market Authority, Petar Vujošević, Swiss osiguranje and Samo Jovićević, Podgorička banka are elected to be new members of the CEM Assembly. President of the Association Board, by his/her position, becomes a member of the Chamber Assembly.

The Board will focus on improving regulations relating to the business of banking, other financial institutions and insurance companies, in accordance with best European practice - said the president Miketić.

Board members decided to donate fees for traveling expenses and daily allowances to charities.

The meeting was attended by the CEM Vice-President Ivan Saveljić, the Secretary General Pavle D. Radovanović, the Director of the Association Department Bojan Obrenović and the Board Secretary Almer Bećiragić.


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