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Joint session of the boards of the metallurgy and construction industry


The fifth workshop of the entrepreneurial discovery process was organized within the joint session of the association boards of the metallurgy and construction industry.  Representatives of these boards discussed the conclusions of the Conference on S3-smart specialization, which was held in the hotel "Hilton" on 11 May 2018. The program EUREKA was also presented.

The session was led by the presidents of the Metallurgy Association Board Ranko Nikolić and of the Construction Association Board Mile Gujić. In addition to boards’ members, the topics were discussed by the Director General of the Directorate for Scientific Research in the Ministry of Science Darko Petrušić, then consultants for the process of entrepreneurial discovery - Deputy General Director of the Ljubljana Technology Park Marjan Majerič and project leader Aleš Pevc, representatives of other ministries, scientists and experts.