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The most successful business entities awarded


The Awards of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro were presented to the most successful business entities in 2016 at the ceremony on the occasion of this business association’s Day, which took place at Vila Gorica on 21st April 2017. 

The President of Montenegro Mr. Filip Vujanovic presented the following awards:

  • for a successful business performance to the Centre for Ecotoxicological Research from Podgorica,
  • for social responsibility to the Regional Centre for Divers Training and Underwater Demining from Bijela,
  • for innovations to the Business Intelligence Consulting from Podgorica and
  • for improvement of management to Mr. Sreten Mrvaljevic, the manager of PI “Lovćen Bečići“.

The ceremony on the occasion 89 years of the Chamber was attended by the representatives of the state, diplomatic corps, local governments, the economy, science and culture.

The address by the President of the Chamber

The President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro Mr. Velimir Mijuskovic says that the Award of this business association is the most important and unique recognition in the economy, dating from 1969.

- Precisely pointing out the companies and individuals, who deserve this Award on the basis of the achieved business results, is the most appropriate way to celebrate the Day of the Chamber, which was established on 21st April 1928. Today we celebrate 89 years of the establishment and the existence of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, the institution of the economy with a long tradition, which since the very beginning has represented an important factor of social and economic reality in the region. Dedicated work of the founders of the Chamber and all those who in the past nine decades created and managed this institution, make us proud for a reason, but at the same time oblige us to be dedicated to the leading idea and mission upon which the Chamber was established. This is persistence on supporting the economy and creating the economic conditions which will provide progress to the overall economy and the entire society, says. Mr. Mijuskovic. 

He expressed sincere gratitude to the President of Montenegro Mr. Filip Vujanovic, since by presenting this award he confirms exceptional value of this recognition, and also for supporting the overall activities of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro.

Speaking about the laureates, the President says that the Centre for Ecotoxological Research has profiled into the renowned professional and internationally recognized laboratory. Meeting the highest standards of quality, which it applies in the operations, the Center is the leader of a number of the international projects. The results achieved by indicators, which are defined as the criteria for the Award for a successful business performance, show that the CETI is the company of exceptional performances.

The Regional Centre for Divers Training and Underwater Demining from Bijela is engaged in one of five most dangerous jobs in the world. Mr. Mijuskovic has especially pointed out its significant contribution to the preparation for the realization of a number of investments in tourism and energy sectors on our coast and in the offshore zone. According to Mr. Mijuskovic, demining over three million square meters of the maritime zone and disposal of over 150 tonnes of explosive devices left behind speak about the importance of the Centre’s activities regarding the security of the coast, local residents, investors and visitors. He especially emphasized the participation of the Centre in the complex rescue operations of people and material goods as well.

Business Intelligence Consulting (BIC) is a new company, whose service providing was recognized as a very useful and innovative by the banking sector, which is well-known by very sophisticated demands. Therefore, BIC is dominant in the field of providing business information and credit reports in Montenegro according to all elements. Professional and very enthusiastic business approach of the company’s management has resulted into developing services affecting the increase of the business transparency, since they represent a perfect basis for consolidating business information both in Montenegro and in the region. 

The public institution “Lovćen-Bečiči”, as the centre of the tourist offer of Cetinje, led by the exceptional management and skilful abilities of the director Mr. Mrvaljevic, has completely changed the image of this location. Enriching the overall offer, by using the refined sensibility to the needs of guests, Mr. Mrvaljevic transformed the dilapidated and abandoned facility into the modern profitable centre. Limited by resources which the state can invest into the institution, through his dedicated work Mr. Mrvaljevic has done something completely new and different.

Speaking about the business environment, the President of the CEM thinks that it should be perceived from another point of view, without diminishing the importance of a number of barriers, identified by the economy, most often related to the frequent changes to the regulations, their non-uniform interpretation, slow administration etc.

- Namely, the work and life of a businessman is recognized as a public scene where everyone is allowed to interpret certain business successes and failures, judge and deliver verdicts. Everyday life and survival in it make us prisoners of different types of information which are often unselectively and without prior checking presented to the public. 

Publicly expressed opinions about our businessmen and their operations, which are not based on the facts, make up our reality. I am inclined to believe that the absence of sanctions for these acts makes such a situation worse day by day, says Mr. Mijuskovic. 

He stresses that it is necessary to protect a number of honourable and hardworking people, whose businesses make up the backbone of Montenegrin economy and who create new values, invest in new projects, employ a large number of our population.

- In spite of this, they and their families become the victims of severe untruths, which are said about them without any reason and material damage caused in this way is huge.  However, I do not claim that there are no different i.e. bad examples among many businessmen, but certainly most of them do not deserve bad qualifications which are presented about them in the public. On the contrary, their dedication to work, sense of improvement and expansion of the scope of activities, and well designed development strategies deserves the utmost respect - he said.

He concluded that if it is known that of 180 thousand of total employees in Montenegro, 122 thousand is employed in the economy, then those employers deserve deep respect of the total Montenegrin society.

- I think that absence of sanctions for publicly expressed unfounded estimates about one's work and for the violation of honour and moral dignity should be recognized as the weakest element of the business environment. We must understand that these people are the undisputed capital owners, which they have created and they can manage it by themselves, ignoring what someone at leisure from the layman public or political circles thinks about it. It would be good to see as soon as possible how many investments and new projects we have prevented in such a small area, in a completely irrational way. I urge you not to forget that in the fierce market competition, as we have today, the businessmen are those who create new value, save in order to invest, have the honour and reputation of the host, are diligent and hard-working, very brave to take business risk, open new jobs obeying the laws of this country. All those who are not like this, should bear responsibility in accordance with these law, said Mr. Mijuskovic.


The President of the CEM Board for the Awards Mr. Zeljko Andric has reasoned the decision on awarding the following laureates this year: the Centre for Eco-toxicological Research, the Regional Centre for Divers Training and Underwater Demining from Bijela, Business Intelligence Consulting and Mr. Sreten Mrvaljevic.

He says that the Centre for Eco-toxicological Research (CETI) was established in 1986 and carries out a board range of activities such as: physical and chemical sample analysis, determining the safety of food and consumer goods, conducting laboratory testing of plant protection and nutrition products, and contaminants in foods of plant origin, measuring the level of noise in the environment, radiation activities, evaluating the degree of exposure to ionizing radiation, and performing the tasks in occupational safety and toxicological analyzes of biological materials for judiciary and health–care needs. It is the only authorized institution in Montenegro which conducts laboratory analysis of the agriculture land in order to determine the amount of dangerous and harmful substances, monitors air quality and performs tasks in the field of ionizing radiation protection. The CETI laboratory provides high quality services in all stages of operation, from receipt of samples to issuing the Report of the tests performed. CETI laboratory tends to be recognized in the region and beyond by the professionalism, reliable analysis and availability in the market. This respectable scientific and research institute wants to reach the level of a leading partner in the national and international projects and become recognized as a socially useful and responsible institution.

The Regional Centre for Divers Training and Underwater Demining has become one of the most renowned institutions for underwater demining in the world and it also won a number of international awards as well as recognitions for successful contribution to water safety. So far it has managed to demine over three million square meters under water in Montenegro and other countries and remove more than 150 tons of various explosives, which left behind after the First and Second World Wars and other conflicts. The realization of the highest foreign investments at the Montenegrin coast could not start without prior engagement of the RCUD. So far seven generations of professional divers from the Russian Federation, Slovenia, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia and a number of national and international sport divers have been trained at the Regional centre. Its divers participated in over 150 rescuing operations, providing assistance, often risking their lives.

Business Intelligence Consulting is the absolute leader in providing business information and credit reports in Montenegro, both in terms of scope, content and the accuracy of information and market coverage. It has been operating since May 2015 and provides business information to its clients via two business portals, on which general business information on legal entities in Montenegro are presented, and, which contains the professional financial analysis of business entities. Innovation of these services is reflected on the fact that this company has collected business information on Montenegrin companies for the first time. Portals provide users with an easy-to-use tool with excellent form, content and the opportunity to connect various data and their structural analysis. Besides the benefits for the users, portals have a direct impact on increasing the transparency of the business and are excellent platform to link business information both at national and regional level.

Mr. Sreten Mrvaljević, the award-winner for improvement of management, who has been dedicated to the institution he manages, to Cetinje and Montenegro in different periods and complex circumstances, has confirmed to be a steady man with a strong vision, persisting in carrying out the ideas aimed at common welfare and promotion of high values of the society. As a tireless enthusiast and a worker of innovative spirit, he has been renowned in the community where he lives and works and among the businessmen. Since 1998 to date he has made the greatest impact on the tourism, when he has become a manager of PI “Lovćen-Bečiči”. During his management, he has changed the image of this institution recognized not only in Montenegro, but beyond. Therefore he created an attractive resort i.e. hotel-type facility, which has been operating during the whole year. The cooperation between Mr. Mrvaljevic and the institutions in other fields, especially education, is of special importance. Besides education programs, this institution and its leader can be proud of the social, as well as programs dedicated to vulnerable groups. All this speaks about the responsible approach to business and the community, as well as a remarkable success in the field of development of the tourism industry.

On behalf of the laureates, Mr. Vesko Mijajlovic, the director of RCUD has thanked for the Award. 

- This award, which has presented by the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro for almost five decades, represents an encouragement for further activities but also a commitment for the award-winners due to its notable tradition and uniqueness. I am sure that future belongs to those who have a vision, foster team work, have energy and efficiency, take care of the environment where they operate. It is our pleasure that you recognized us as such and I am confident that we will achieve new and higher goals easier honoured by this recognition and despite the complexity of the times in which we live and work - said Mr. Mijajlovic.

On behalf of the award-winners, he extended the heartiest congratulations to the Chamber of Economy, on the occasion of the CEM Day.

- There are not many institutions in our country and beyond, which have managed to incorporate tradition in its essence in such a special way and, relying on solid conventional foundations, to build the modernized business focused on the needs of all its members, i.e. Montenegrin economy as a whole - he added.

The President Vujanovic says...

The President of Montenegro Mr. Filip Vujanovic has extended congratulations to the laureates recognizing this award as a public recognition for their valuable and successful activities but also as a recommendation to continue with such activities and be a good example which needs to be followed.  

According to him, 2016 was the year when the businessmen operated and achieved the economic development of Montenegro with an increase in GDP of 2.5% in regionally and globally unfavourable business conditions.

- This is a success and proof of continued growth of our economy, which since the restoration of the independence was in the recession only two years, while important, valuable and remarkable economic growth was achieved in other years, says Mr. Vujanovic.

The highest contribution was provided by tourism sector, which in 2016 recorded the highest results in terms of the number of tourists and financial indicators. That year Montenegro got 20 new hotels, of which 35% are 4- and 5-stars hotels. The share of tourism in GDP amounts to 22 percents.

- This represents a commitment to us to treat tourism, which is a strategic industry facilitating the economic development as a whole, as a big development opportunity. It especially obliges us to valorise tourist resources in the northern part– Bjelasica, Komovi and Durmitor, but all also other areas. The decisive condition for this is a better transport connection of the north, so the construction of the highway towards this area is of key importance. Therefore, I am very happy that this year 200 million EUR will be invested into the priority section Podgorica-Matesevo, a quarter of total investment, which definitely guarantees good dynamic and the completion of construction, says the President.

He is glad that Montenegro takes up the development opportunity in the energy sector as well. The submarine cable between our country and Italy has been set, the transfer of energy ring Pljevlja-Visegrad-Bajina Basta and connection to the coast has been realised in a high quality manner, which provides Montenegro, as an energy hub, with an opportunity to export electricity to Italy and thus to other European countries in 2019.

- This is following up those opportunities recognized by the Berlin process such as improvement of transport and energy infrastructure as a preconditions for quality life opportunities in the region, says Mr. Vujanovic.

The greatest obligation and mission of everyone, he said, is to provide new jobs. Montenegro can respond to this, and he expects that this year and in 2018 economic environment will be improved through more engagements and it is obligation of all of us to encourage it further through incentives, guarantees and everything that will ensure working conditions to people, especially in entrepreneurship, the family business and at the northern part of the country.

- I would like to pay respect to the president, management and the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro in general for what they did during the previous year and express appreciation for their distinctive contribution to improving economic legislation in a very visible and strong following of the implementation of economic policy, but also in important and numerous international activities. It was probably a year with the most international activities of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro - said the President Vujanovic.

He has especially emphasized two activities of the Chamber which are very important for Montenegro. The first activity is related to celebrating a decade of signing CEFTA in the year of the Montenegrin Chairmanship.

- This was the year when we devoted our efforts to make the cross-border trade easier, improved and cheaper. In this respect, Montenegro has given concrete suggestions to improve the existing situation. We suggest that the common inspection, customs and police control at the border crossings provide easier, faster and cheaper trade and the most efficient combat against grey economy and cross-border criminal. Therefore, it is necessary to take advantage of the positive example of the border crossing between Ulcinj and Shkodër.  I received assurances in Bosnia and Herzegovina that our two countries will have the crossings with common border control. And finally, the Western Balkans region needs to be free trade zone. This is a reality and implies the overcoming of trade and non-trade barriers and providing better quality of the economy as a whole in line with respecting the customs policy of each country according to its specificities on the path to the EU and through the WTO membership, says Mr. Vujanovic.

The other activity in which the President thinks the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro would have success is finding new models of utilizing the economic benefits of NATO integrations.

- The valorisation of the economic potentials of NATO integrations, which are extremely valuable, is not sufficiently discussed in Montenegro. The procurement of NATO countries provides our economy with an opportunity to export and valorise its resources in a quality manner. Our Chamber of Economy has a good communication with the Croatian Chamber of Economy. Analysing the Croatian model, it has recognized that this might be a good chance for the state to delegate certain responsibilities for the coordination of export procurement to the Chamber of Economy. Having in mind that this model operates in Croatia quite well, I recommend that this model should be analysed in more details and be inspiring for the position of the Chamber of Economy in the implementation of procurement of the NATO, which is a big opportunity for the economy of Montenegro through the economic value offered by the NATO. I believe that the Chamber of Economy will continue to follow the same path and be recognized for constructive activities and successes - concluded the President of Montenegro.

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