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Solidarity with the companies Cerovo and Femić

Vlada, Privredna komora i Opština Bar solidarni sa kompanijama Cerovo i Femić

The warehouse of the company Femić, the lessee of which is the company Cerovo, completely burned down in the fire and both companies suffered great damage. The fire broke out early this morning and according to the first estimates, the damage amounts to cca EUR 600-700 thousand, says Goran Đurović, the owner of the company Cerovo.

- We have suffered enormous material damage. The building, the material and supplies which were in it completely burned down, adds Đurović.

He is convinced that this situation will not lead to the dismissal of employees, 300 of whom are employed in the company Cerovo.

- These are stable companies and we will certainly recover, because we have overcome numerous crises during the 30 years of our existence, says the owner of the company Cerovo.

The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, the Government of Montenegro and the Municipality of Bar will act together in order to mitigate the consequences of the fire on the business of these successful companies, it was said by the representatives of these institutions.  

The Managing Board of the Chamber will hold a meeting and make a decision on the support to the companies Cerovo and Femić and send recommendations to the Government, local self-government and insurance companies in order to help these companies as soon as possible.

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