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Support measures good, barriers for implementation to be removed


Tourist representatives expressed support for the latest Government measures to mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic aimed at citizens and the economy. According to them, it will contribute to preserving liquidity, jobs, as well as recovery and growth of business activity. In addition to the fourth package of economic measures, the Board was presented with information on the Regional Challenge Fund (RCF) project, as well as an analysis of dual education for the period 2017-2020 and the business operation of “Mile Bacci”, the Montenegrin ice cream producer.

The Board members say that the adopted fourth package of support measures largely met the demands of the business community and it is aimed at preserving liquidity, jobs, as well as recovery and growth of business activity.

“We consider especially important the continuation of granting subsidies on salaries, the increase in the amount of these subsidies, the deferral of taxes and contributions on salaries and support for new employment, as well as the continuation of support to the economy in terms of IDF and commercial banks loans”, say the Board President Ranko Jovović.

The Board invited decision makers to consider, inter alia, the following:

  • enabling the realization of applications for a subsidy in the amount of 100% of the minimum wage for all employees in any of the vulnerable activities, regardless of the date of establishment of the company;
  • expanding the list of vulnerable activities;
  • amending the period of rescheduling of liabilities from June 1 to December 31, 2020 within the Decree on the conditions for postponing the collection of overdue tax and non-tax receivables;
  • increasing the limit on state aid granted in line with Temporary State Aid Framework to support the business community during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Implementing short-term and realizing long-term measures from the third package, which have a developmental character and are especially important for the diversification of the Montenegrin economy;
  • the possibility of reducing the tax burden on labour (contributions), which would affect the increase in employee wages, as well as the release of funds to employers for potential new employment and investments;
  • amending the Law on Real Estate Tax, which will determine a smaller range of tax rates, so that the upper limit is 0.5% of the market value of real estate, and thus prevent different fiscal treatment of economic entities depending on the municipality in which they operate.

The tourism business community also assessed that the tariffs charged by the Organization for the Protection of the Rights of Music Authors (PAM) are too high and initiated the formation of a working group, which will negotiate with this Organization on a new tariff.

In order to have successful upcoming summer season, it is important to start the mass immunization of the population of Montenegro. The Board will organize meeting to discuss preparations for the summer season at the beginning of March and send an invitation to all competent institutions to reach the best solutions.

The President of the Kosovo Tourism Association Shpetim Turku addressed the businessmen and emphasized the importance of regional cooperation. He invited the members of the Tourism and Hospitality Association Board of the Chamber to establish cooperation with the Kosovo Tourism Association.

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