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World Quality Day


On the occasion of the World Quality Day, the Board for Quality of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro held a formal session. Vice President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro (CEM) Mr. Stanko Zlokovic says that this association constantly strives to promote quality which contributes to strengthening competitiveness and market positioning.

- Achieving good competitive position in the market today requires continuous investment in product quality and constant innovation within the production cycle, which should result in innovative characteristics of the product. For sustainability in the longer term, there must be a balance of continuous quality improvement and radical improvements in the quality, i.e. innovation - said Zlokovic.  

Within regular activities on the promotion of quality and international standards, this year the CEM has organized a number of seminars on standardization and the revised ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

- The Chamber will continue with its educational activities in this field and organize specific trainings on the standards application according to the needs of entrepreneurs - concludes Zlokovic.

The European Organization for Quality and Uniprom bakery from Niksic were presented at the session as well as the book "The quality and operational risk management of central banks" by PhD Radoica Luburic. 

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