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Basic information

The ATA carnet holders

The ATA carnet holder may be domestic legal or natural entity.

The ATA carnet holder may have the representative (one or more of them).

The representative shall be a person who travels with carnet i.e. tracks goods.  

The representative may be the transporter or one or more people authorized by the holder.

If the foreign representative is authorized or you do not know who will be authorized, instead of the name you should write the Letter of Authority in the column “Representative”.

The form of the letter of authority, which the representative must show to the customs officer every time he/she imports/exports goods with ATA carnet, may be obtained at the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro – ATA Department.  

The Conditions for using the ATA Carnet

The goods through the ATA Carnet cross the border quickly and easily (without engaging the freight forwarders), but at the same time certain conditions must be met:

a) all goods exported or imported on the basis of ATA carnet must be completely re-exported /re- imported in the same condition in which they were exported / imported (not intended for sale, rent, commercial maintenance, processing, repair, industrial packaging or manufacturing, construction, commercial exploitation of natural resources, etc.) 
b) All goods exported or imported on the basis of ATA carnet must be easily distinguished when you export /import and re-export / re-import (detailed description of the goods in the commodity list)

c) All values included in the goods must represent the real commercial value in the country where it was issued. 
d) All holders must comply with national legislation of the country of departure / countries they visit / countries in transit. 
e) All the goods covered by the carnet are subjected to customs inspection - Note 9 on the back of the green cover - and whenever required by the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro. 
f) The validity period of the ATA carnet is determined by the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro in accordance with the deadline prescribed by the Convention, or up to 12 months from the day of issuing. 

However, the customs authorities of the Member States of ATA chain can determine a shorter period as well, in accordance with their national legislation and relevant Conventions. 
Using the ATA Carnet provides also transit through the country, under the terms of the ATA Convention.

The main categories of goods for which the Carnets are issued include:

• Fairs, exhibitions and presentations

• Professional equipment
• Other (sport manifestations, animals and etc.)

According to the data collected from the Chambers of Economy which manages the ATA system, main categories of goods temporarily imported on the basis of ATA are the following: antiques, machines, tools, catering equipment, canned food, shoes, toys, computers, office equipment/stationary, transformers, generators of electricity, electric/electronic and scientific equipment, dental or surgical equipment, jewelry and items of precious metal/other precious stones, stereos, audio and visual equipments, photography and film equipment, lasers, musical instruments and records, materials for exhibition, planes, movies, vehicles, engines for racing motors, heating and lightening equipment, agricultural machinery, furniture, crockery, paintings and other works of art, umbrellas, racing horses, suitcases, perfumes, theatrical effects and sets, concert and musical instruments, leather and sport goods, cloths, yachts, boats, exhibition stands.      

Under the ATA carnet the following goods MUST NOT BE imported: disposable and perishable goods, goods indented for processing or repair, as well as advertising material which will be distributed at fairs or exhibitions in the territory where the goods are temporarily imported.

ATA carnet shall not be issued for private exhibitions in trades or business premises in order to sell foreign goods. The number and amount of each item must be reasonable and in accordance with the purpose of the import. 

Unless it is permitted by the national legislation of the country of temporary import, goods for which temporary admission is granted shall not: 
a) be borrowed or in any way used for rent or reward, 
b) be removed from the places where certain events are happening

Briefly, the temporary import under the ATA Carnet relates to goods which shall be re-exported in the same condition as it was imported.

The ATA Carnet System is currently in force in the following countries: Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Croatia, India, Iran, Ireland, Island, Italy, Israel, Japan, South Africa, Canada, China, Cyprus, Korea, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Madagascar, Hungary, Macau, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Morocco, Mauritius, Mexico, Moldavia, Mongolia, Germany, Norway, New Zealand, Ivory Coast, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, SAD, Senegal, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

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