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Croatia dedicated to continuation of the EU enlargement process


The EU accession is high on the agenda of the Croatian presidency to the European Union, said the Croatian Ambassador Veselko Grubišić during a meeting with the Chamber President Vlastimir Golubović.

According to Grubišić, Croatia expects that the issue of enlargement will be defined before the Zagreb Forum in May and statements by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Lajen are very encouraging. He stressed that Croatia will strive for more resources in the cohesion policy, which is very important for the future EU members as well.

According to the President Golubović, the fact that the EU Presidency was assumed by a country, with which Montenegro has been cultivating high-quality political and economic relations, is a positive signal for our country and the region. He stressed the positive trends of economic cooperation between the two countries, which is particularly reflected in the growth of investment and tourist indicators.

Golubović said that the previous year was very successful for the Montenegrin economy. The achieved growth in 2019 was about four percent, which is, as he says, one of the highest in Europe. The previous year was marked by the numerous Chamber activities.

Grubišić said that Montenegro has been significantly developing in recent years, which may be particularly noted in the field of improvement of infrastructure. He hopes that our country will soon give approval for establishing a joint IAP company for designing, based in Dugopolje, which would consist of Montenegrobonus, BH gas, Plinacro and Albgaz. The company would deal with preparing studies and projects, which would contribute to providing funds for the construction of the Adriatic-Ionian Pipeline.

The interlocutors agreed that cooperation between the two countries can also be fostered in the field of nautical tourism. With the support of the two chambers, the Croatian and Montenegrin Marina Associations would like to encourage stronger cooperation, which would resulted in a joint appearance on third markets and fairs, activities on protection of the sea and environment, etc.

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