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“Apartments rented per day“ should be legalized


Illegal renting of private accommodation represents a problem of Montenegrin tourism, which negatively affects the image of our destination, it was assessed at a meeting of the representatives of the Chamber, the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, Capital City of Podgorica, the Tourism Organization and the Association of Hoteliers.

The interlocutors discussed combating the gray economy in the area of illegal renting of accommodation in Podgorica and finding more efficient methods for implementing the Law on Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Owners of residential buildings illegally issue the accommodation capacities and do not fall into the category which meets the standards in order to provide accommodation services defined by the Law on Tourism. The illegal renting causes damage not only to the hoteliers but to the state and local government budgets due to the non-payment of tax and other obligations of the landlords. This kind of renting prevents the accurate records of guest and revenues from these accommodation units.

Solving this problem requires a joint action by relevant public authorities, local institutions and the business community. The participants have agreed that it is necessary to simplify the procedure regarding registration and taxation of private accommodation, strengthen the capacities of the inspection bodies responsible for this type of activity and resolve the issue of advertising unregistered accommodations via the Internet.