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Vice Presidents

The Chamber may have three vice-presidents who shall coordinate, direct and organize work in the Chamber, in a manner defined by the President of the Chamber.

A Vice-President of the Chamber designated by the President shall replace the President of the Chamber in all rights and obligations during his/her absence.

Vice-President of the Chamber shall be appointed at the proposal of the President of the Chamber. Vice-President of the Chamber shall be appointed for a period of four years and may be reappointed to the same position. Vice-President of the Chamber shall be responsible for his/her work to the Assembly and the President of the Chamber.
The Vice Presidents of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro are:

Ljiljana Filipović
She graduated from the University for Tourism and Foreign Trade in Dubrovnik. Her first work experience she acquired at Zetatrans - Podgorica, followed by the work engagement in the Self-governing community of Montenegro for international economic relations (SIZ). She covered the positions of a Deputy Minister for Economic Development and a Deputy Minister for International Economic Relations and European Integration. She speaks Russian and English language.
Ivan Saveljić
He graduated from the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica. He performed functions of a Director of the Sector for affairs related to international financial institutions in the Bank of Montenegro, an assistant to the Minister of Foreign Relations, National Coordinator of Montenegro in the Stability Pact, chief of the Office of the Government of Montenegro in the Federal Republic of Germany, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in Argentina, a Deputy General Director of the Atlas Mont Bank in Podgorica. He speaks English, Italian and Spanish language.
Danilo Gvozdenović
He graduated from the Faculty of Law in Podgorica. He started his professional career as the Head of the Security Service at the Aluminum Plant Titograd. Then he was the Head of the President’s Cabinet in the Municipality of Budva, Advisor and Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Physical Planning and Environment Protection and Director General of the Construction Directorate at the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism. He speaks Russian.